wedding6Monsoon Weddings:

Monsoon is a season of colors and flowers. During this season one can find a variety of beautiful flowers and lighten up the wedding. Flowers like red roses, blue lilies, marigold, lavenders etc. Would make the wedding really pretty.

Theme weddings:

Now a day, theme weddings are very much in vogue. For example if the theme of the wedding is say prince and princess, so everything tends to be royal and dream like. So for a wedding like this again carnations and orchids and white roses would be appropriate.

Budget Weddings:

Every person cannot arrange for an exquisite and dreamlike wedding. But even in a small budget one can make the wedding a beautiful and graceful one. Roses and lilies are available at affordable prices. And these flowers can alone dazzle the whole wedding.

Big-fat weddings:

When budget is not an issue, the wedding could look mesmerizing matching up to the beauty of the bride and the groom. Carnations, purple and magenta roses, orchids, almost any flower could add to the glamour.

One must take into considerations the important factors that could affect the decoration and ultimately the wedding. Flowers could give a very pleasant experience to the whole wedding, just it should be chosen and arranged nicely and impressively.

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