Array of Flowers: Form &Pattern

Nature’s one the most beautiful creations have been an integral part of our life. For ages, flowers have been used in various forms to express the importance of any occasion, be it grand or simple. It is believed that flowers act as the shadow of human emotions; this is why the aroma of any flower arrangement arouses certain feelings within.

Apart from connecting to human emotions, flower arrangement is a form of art. This art involves arrangement of flowers of different colors, shape and hues, in the most attractive and harmonious structure.

In this form of art, the flowers are arranged in various containers of different shape depicting the kind of occasion. As per the theory of this art, each occasion has a different style of flower arrangement. Like for a formal occasion, the flowers are arranged in a triangle shape, while for an informal occasion the arrangement can be in an asymmetrical pattern.

More on flower arrangement:

Today flower arrangement is not just an art, but this art is being used as business worldwide. Earlier presenting of flowers used to be a simple agenda, but these days the flowers are presented in a special way. The flower arrangement these days holds a meaning, form and even a history attached to it. Yes today’s flower arrangement also has a history attached to it.

The art of flower arrangement did not originate in one country, but all nations had their special kind of arrangement. Just like every country has their special kind of tea or coffee, similarly they have their own traditional pattern of flower arrangement.

Various forms of flower arrangements relate to various moods. A bunch of lily’s, carnations, tulip’s, lilies, roses, or flowers just simply arranged with green leaves of various shapes has a meaning and mood attached to it. Flower’s can do wonders, which is being proved since ages with the creation of various types of flower arrangements and patterns.


There are various types of flower arrangements originated in various countries. These arrangements are today being explored and used by artists worldwide to make this art even more big and important.

The flower arrangement designs like mille fleur cascade, biedermier, phoenix originated in countries like Europe, Germany, and Austria are being used worldwide by the artist in creation of the flower arrangement. All these patterns are different from each other, like the mille fleur is an arrangement of many flowers of different colours. Similarly, the cascade arrangement consists of flowers and greeneries arranged in a long cascade shape. These are commonly known as the bridal bouquets.

Apart from these designs, the various types of flower arrangements are circular, triangle, and Ikebana, fan shaped and crescent. These types itself explains a lot about the arrangement type.

The circular arrangement consists of flowers arranged in round shape. This is one of the easiest forms of arrangement; the flowers easily get arranged in a circular form, thereby presenting a soothing appearance to the viewers. This form of arrangement is common to view in conferences and executive meetings.

The triangular arrangement consists of flowers arranged in specific shapes and up to a proportionate height. This arrangement falls into the informal category.

The Ikebana arrangement originated in Japan is an arrangement, which is being performed for a past 100 years or even more. This is more of a symbolic presentation of flowers, where the status of human kind is presented.

The fan arrangement is a horizontal form of arrangements of flowers. The arrangement does not possess height. Usually, in this kind of arrangement the concentration lies on one single big flower and is arranged in shallow containers.

The crescent arrangement is an informal pattern of arrangement. The flowers are arranged in a curvaceous form more like a moon-shape. The flowers used in this decoration are more of in a curved form. The arrangement is refreshing and mostly seen on coffee tables.

The vertical arrangement is a form where flowers with small stems are a major concern. Tulips, roses and carnations are the most appropriate ones for this kind of arrangement. In this arrangement, small fillers are also used to create a symmetrical appearance.

Lastly, the ‘’S’’ shape the name itself speaks about the form of arrangement. Yes, the flowers here are arranged in the shape of the alphabet ‘S’.

Apart from the flower arrangement with live flowers, dry flower decorations have also made a strong hold in the market and in the houses of people. This arrangement is done with flowers made out of paper, cloth or plastic material. These are permanent in nature and are a great weapon in hands of interior designers these days.

Flower arrangement is not some professional art, which can be learned in any school or college. This is something which can be done by just mere imagination. This is not some professional art, but a profession of many worldwide.

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