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About Ernakulam and Florists List in Ernakulam

flower-hacks-banHere are a list of major florists in Cochin and Ernakulam:

MrsFlorist at: 

Cherupully Parambil , kuthappady road, thammanam
Banerji Rd
Kochi, Kerala 682032
MayaFlorist at:
Banerji Rd, Near St.Antony Church
Janatha Junction, Poovathoor, Mamangalam, Kaloor
Kochi, Kerala 682025
ArenaFlowers at:
Main Market, Panampilly Nagar Ave
Giri Nagar, Panampilly Nagar
Kochi, Kerala 682036
Phone: +91-822-208-8366 at:
5th Cross Road
Panampilly Nagar Ave
Vyttila, Krishna Vihar Colony, Panampilly Nagar
Kochi, Kerala 682036

Ernakulam- The Financial Capital of Kerala

If there is another city apart from Kochi in Kerala that is well known all over the country then it has to be Ernakulam. This is a city that has played a pivotal role in connecting Kerala to the rest of the country and even making prominent links with the foreign market when it comes to trade.


This was the capital of the erstwhile Cochin state and has been a hub a of trade relations for years now. It has boasted of the famous ports from the inception of the state and never looked backed. After independence from the British colonial rule, it became all the more prominent because of its strategic positing in the Malabar Coast.


Ernakulam is and always have been known for its connectivity. This particular feature of the city has made it the commercial and financial capital of the state of Kerala and catalysed the city in a growing and bustling city. When we talk about connectivity then it goes without saying that the Cochin Shipyard and the Cochin Port have played important parts in making it what it is today.

Life today

This is a fast and growing city with people from all over the country coming in for the various opportunities at hand. Ernakulam has also made sure that the inner connectivity of the city remains in good shape and to galvanize it, the Kochi metro project which is slated to finish by 2016 will also add to the fast movement of the city.

Trading and tourism

It must be said that both trading and tourism has played their respective part in making Ernakulam into a modern city. For example, the flower business is on the rise here with people opting for modern methods to accelerate the business. They are delivering flowers at their intended destinations; making gifting options more convenient. As for tourism, the various temples and churches of the city give the true picture of the culture and history of the city.

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