_40_flowers_rosesFlowers have been a popular choice for the expression of love and related feelings towards a beloved person, from the ancient times. As of today, bouquets and other floral arrangements are the most sought after Valentine gifts, which droop or die after a short time, making up for a huge amount of waste, after the special day. However, you can be more generous with these speechless messengers of love and reuse them in different manners, like a remembrance of your love, in a crafty artwork or more as discussed below.

Dry out the Floral Arrangement

Flowers and their arrangements can be dried to preserve them for long, with the proper maintenance of their original 3D shape. For this, tie the bunch with a thread and hang them in an upside down manner for a few weeks to allow all the blooms dry completely. After drying out, the blooms will retain their shape and provide a nice rustic appearance that can be preserved for long.

24-red-roses_largeLaminate Flowers Forever

Apart from the preservation of the 3D shape, many flower lovers use different methods to safeguard them in different forms, like a bookmark and others. Use a paper towel to wrap the flower and place it in a heavy and hard covered book’s center. Leave the wrapped flower in the closed book for a couple of weeks, after which, a preserved bloom can be revealed from the same. Now, laminate the fragile remnants of the valentine flower that can be used for many different purposes, like decoration, bookmarks and others.

Use in a Crafty Artwork

If the above discussed ones are not what you prefer to do, you can recycle different flower parts in a crafty artwork. Pick the flower, when it is likely to wilt and separate all its parts like leaves, petals and stems. Leaves and petals can be used on a canvas, pottery or any other artwork with the help of glue, where the stems don’t find much use in this context and can be thrown away. Once glued, these flower parts will remain intact for long and become a part of a wonderful mixed-media artwork. Apart from this, you can also use different flower parts in other artworks according to your creativity and imagination.

Image of valentine flowers and giftsGift them to Someone Else

Although freshly cut flowers are known for their much-admired elegance, yet this grace has been only short-lived. After the flowers start to lose their elegance, you can pick out the ones still alive out of the bouquet and combine them to donate them to different organizations. Institutions like hospice facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and others appreciate such a generosity and readily accept such a gift of love.

Send Dead Flowers to Compost

If you are not willing to preserve your flowers as a symbol of Valentine Day’s remembrance, you can take them to the nearest compost bin for an eco-friendly recycle. Moreover, if you have maintained a flower garden, you can grind the bloom into fine bits and pepper them over the flower bed. Since the gorgeous life of flowers originates from the ground, so they can be put to the best use for newly budding blooms as nutrients. Decayed flowers are a good addition to the compost, which serve as a great enrichment of the soil, allowing next blooms to grow even better.

Buying a Valentine’s floral gift can be a tricky task, but their reuse and recycle is also an important issue. Thus, you can use either of the methods discussed above or any other environment friendly manner, thereby reducing the waste remains from your home. Moreover, dead flowers can be a home for harmful bacteria, so it is imperative to recycle them and prevent them from turning from the messengers of love to disease spreading agents.

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