The flower is also a unique symbol of cultures and traditions. Different types of flowers in different countries symbolize different meanings and feelings. White roses and lotus flowers are the symbols of truth and purity. Red roses signify love while yellow roses signify freshness. White flowers like tuberoses are given as homage at funerals or religious occasions. Flowers are also widely used for worshipping purposes. Red rose is gifted on Valentines Day while white roses, signifying friendship are the best gift on friendship day. Bouquets and bunches of roses with different color combinations can be gifted on occasions like wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas parties, New Year’s Day, etc. A bunch of white or yellow roses can be gifted to a sick person. His mind will be refreshed with the sweet scent and bright color of the roses. Flowers as gifts are cherished by people of all ages with all types of social, religious as well cultural backgrounds.

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