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How Flowers Make your Celebrations Memorable in Gurgaon!

women-love-flowersGurgaon is a city in the Indian state of Haryana located immediately south of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, 32 kilometres southwest of New Delhi and 268 kilometres southwest of Chandigarh, the state capital.

I came to Gurgaon for a corporate visit just about for a week. It was summer going on in Gurgaon, and it huge hot in the day time in this part of North India. My wife was also with me and stay at my hotel most of the time. I think about to surprise her by sending flowers to her hotel and then found a beautiful and outstanding florist in Gurgaon.

They not only delivered my flowers in Gurgaon but also explained and taught me about flowers and its meaning. They are beautiful people delivering smiles in Gurgaon where transportation is not easy. I am a big fan of them. I took services from 3 florist here, ArenaFlowers, CityFlowers and MayaFlowers, and all are amazingly doing well and fantastic.

They made me to write about them and so requested flowers authority to pass some article about these wonderful people and pass some authority to them as well.

  • Flowers Complement Every Occasion: Whether you are opting for easy to assemble floral arrangement or an elaborate centerpiece for the celebration, flowers are capable to grace every occasion and lend your event site an idyllic ambience. From celebrating birthdays to Valentine’s Day and from marriages to corporate conventions, flowers come across as a sustainable choice always.
  • Flowers are Inexpensive: Unlike other event decoration items, floral designs and arrangements don’t cost you a bomb. With little foam, floral tape and a satin ribbon, you can either take on DIYs to get creative with cut flowers or hire a designer. If nothing else works, just put a stem or two in glass bottles on every table or line the entrance with petals, which will be magnificent and give you a cost advantage as well! However, to keep the floral budget down, you need to be mindful of floral calendar and keep track of flowering season of blooms. For instance, tulips grow in spring and order tulips in fall will prove to be a catastrophe for your budget.
  • Flowers and Containers are Reusable: If you are planning to schedule events or occasion two days in a row, you can use same floral arrangements and containers continuously. If you are using upcycled glass jars or earthen pots and containers to display blooms, they will stay with you forever! Though, you need to maintain proper storage and water drafting facility to keep the flowers at their blooming best!

Different shapes, layers and textures of flowers can add pizzazz and glitter to your celebrations. With flowers, a moment becomes unforgettable and celebration turns to be even more special!

Found these florist in Gurgaon at various locations.

ArenaFlowers / Gurgaon – @ DLF phase 2

CityFlowers – Gurgaon @ Sushant lok.

MayaFlowers Gurgaon @ Malibu Town


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