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Hacks to Make your Fresh Flower Bouquet Stay Fresher!

online-orderingHow beautiful it would have been if you could keep flower bouquet as impeccable and fresh as they were when you received them first? Well, if not forever, you can certainly prolong their life span if you follow these steps. While it is important that bouquet should be made of fresh flowers, as it has been claimed and not otherwise (you might want to check this with your florist), storage and care of the bouquet also play an important part in extending the life of fresh flowers.

  • Whether you have received dozens of bouquets or just one, it is very important that you don’t waste time placing them in a cool place that is meters away from any direct or indirect source of heat. Nothing can save cut flowers from heat. Not even if botanists could come up with any flower CPR! Heat shows no mercy and just kills them. Even the heat coming through the curtain can be detrimental for their lifespan. You know, keep your bouquets away from fruit basket too. I know, it is kind of irresistible combination of flowers and fruit arranged together on a dining table, but resist it for the sake of your flowers. Fruits emit ethylene gas and can cause wilting at faster rates.
  • If you want to confirm the age of cut flowers, look at the age of stem and the number of leaves stripped apart from the stem.
  • Avoid keeping your flowers in kitchen refrigerator. The humidity and temperature of a household fridge is different from that of a floral refrigerator. It is better to keep the flower in shade than refrigerating it.
  • It is okay that you don’t have vases ready. We are lucky to live in a DIY age where anything can be transformed into something one wants. Your teapot, colander or even the round salad bowl that you don’t use anymore can work double time as a vase. Just make sure you condition them in vases filled with water as soon as you get time. The water should be lukewarm. If it is scorching heat already, tap water will do just fine. Plants drink lukewarm water faster, resulting in fresher and full bloom.
  • Different flowers have different preservation methods. Roses should be stored after cutting their thrones. Daffodils shouldn’t be kept with other flowers in the same vase as their sap can cause wilting of other flowers.
  • If you haven’t received floral preservative or floral food with your bouquets, don’t worry as it is easier to make one at home. Mix white wine or vodka and water in 1:4 respectively to perk up the look of your flowers. You can also mix 1/4th of aspirin tablet to jolt your flowers. A pinch of rock salt also does wonder to the life of flowers.
  • Remember to keep the water of vase always clean. Any foliage, artificial decoration and foam should be removed immediately before you place them in vase. If you find any dead insect or dust floating in the water, change it immediately. You can also try cutting the stem from a low angle to keep the arrangement fresh for a long period. Though, you should always do that under running water and with the help of a blunt knife.
  • Never take all the leaves off the stems. Not only leaves work as great filler for your bouquet but they also keep the flowers fresher for longer time.
  • Before putting different floral arrangement, rinse the vase with soap and wash it thoroughly. Like us, flowers are very particular about what they call home.
  • If it is humid and hot, keep a spray water bottle handy to moist the leaves and petals of your bouquet. This will help prolong the vase life of cut flowers.

Follow these tips and you can certainly enjoy cut flowers and fresh flower bouquets for long!

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